Purchase Fiber Optic Components From PEAK FIBER COMMUNICATIONS

If you’re looking to build a sleek, high-speed network, fiber optic components can help you reach your goal. Fiber optic components are used in a variety of applications and industries, including telecommunications and aerospace. Whether you’re building an intercom system or a high-speed network, fiber optic components can help you connect more people with less interference. […]

Fiber Pigtails For Easier Network Cable Termination

Fiber pigtails are great for cable termination because they provide a strong physical connection between the fiber and the connector. The link between the two components is important for both mechanical support and optical efficiency. In this brief, we’ll be discussing fiber pigtails for easier network cable termination. So, keep reading the article! Fiber Pigtails […]

V-Grooves and Optical Fibers: A Simple Explanation

A V-groove is a square, flat channel in the middle of a fiber optic cable that allows it to be split into two separate fibers. Splitting a cable into two allows for two completely separate circuits to be transmitted through the same physical cable. In this article, we will explain what V-grooves are, how they are […]

Get High-Quality Fiber Optic Components From Us

When it comes to fiber optic devices, you need to make sure that you are getting the best quality products. After all, this is what will make a difference when it comes to the durability of your network. You want to be sure that your network is going to perform for a very long time […]

Fiber V-Grooves Assemblies For Improved Networking Connectivity

Our optical V-groove assemblies are an industry standard used in the telecommunications, data communication, and CATV industries. These connectors are industry standard for optical applications.   Our customers use them for patch panels, backplanes, interconnects, transceivers, and other high-density applications where space is critical. Their products such as photonic integrated circuits (PICs), AWGs (Arrayed waveguide gratings […]

Fiber Array 101: A Brief Introduction

Fiber arrays, in simple words, are one or two-dimensional arrays, particularly used for optical fibers. They’re used for various purposes. For instance, the coupling to photonic integrated circuits (PICs), AWGs (Arrayed waveguide gratings ) ,VOAs ( variable optical attenuators ) , PLCs (Planer Lightwave Circuit ) , optical transceivers or Lidar (light detection and ranging ). The array is […]