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Our optical V-groove assemblies are an industry standard used in the telecommunications, data communication, and CATV industries. These connectors are industry standard for optical applications.


Our customers use them for patch panels, backplanes, interconnects, transceivers, and other high-density applications where space is critical. Their products such as photonic integrated circuits (PICs), AWGs (Arrayed waveguide gratings ) ,VOAs ( variable optical attenuators ) , PLCs (Planer Lightwave Circuit ) , optical transceivers or Lidar (light detection and ranging )


V-groove technology enables the assembly of the optical fiber array in a very small area with the high precision alignment of individual fibers or fiber ribbons. These assemblies provide high-density interconnections with high reliability and stability while maintaining low insertion loss.


V-Groove material most popular are Tempex ( Schott Borofloat 33 ) and silica .  Channel from single channels up to 256ch , but below 64ch are mainstream application for nowadays .

I-Temp ( Industrial temperature : -40°C ~ 85°C ) application is available.

V-Groove quality is depends on single pitch and total pitches dimension tolerance , we have over 20  Japanese Nachi dicing machines , Nachi is the best brand for V-Groove dicing equipment especially for up to 48 channels v-groove  .


V-groove is a precision machined glass that holds two bare fibers at the exact distance for permanent positions. It is also known as alignment, which is used to physically join one end of a fiber to another or allow light to pass through it without any loss.


Fiber V-Grooves are passive components of fiber optic assemblies. Fiber V-Groove Assemblies allow for higher density connections for optical signal distribution. Fiber optics is used for high-speed internet connections and data centers due to its ability to transmit large amounts of information over long distances at very high speeds.