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A fiber optic cable is a network cable set containing strands of glass fibers inside an insulated casing. They are specifically designed for high-performance, long-distance transferring of data and links to various telecommunications. Compared to other cables, such cables provide greater bandwidth and transmit data over longer ranges. Such cables are used across the world because they are helpful in supporting telephone, internet, cable television, and other related systems.

Fiber optic cable consists of one or more strands of glass, each only slightly thicker than a human hair. The center of each strand is known as the core. The core’s primary function is to provide the pathway for light to travel. The core is surrounded by a layer of glass called cladding. It is helpful in reflecting light inward in order to avoid loss of signal and allow the light to pass through the bends in the cable.

Besides core and cladding, the fiber optic cables also consist of active and passive components.

WDMs, couplers, isolators, and V grooves are the important passive components of fiber optic cable. A short description of these parts is given hereunder:

WDMs stands for wavelength division multiplexing, which aids in splitting the wavelength in such a way that each spectral color has its own transmission channel. Fiber optic couplers can do the job of both combining and splitting signals in optical fibers. Last but not least, Isolators (they are also called circulators) are used in communication applications.

They allow light to pass through the fiber in only one direction. They are non-reciprocal elements. V grooves are manufactured with sub-micron accuracy to provide exceptional pitch spacing and linearity control. They can be made up of quartz, silicon, or Tampax with very low expansion in order to offer excellent thermal stability.

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