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A V-groove is a square, flat channel found in the middle of the fiber optic cable that is responsible for splitting into two separate fibers. Partition of the cable into two separate fibers allows for two completely separate circuits to be transmitted through the same physical cable. In this unique article, we will briefly define everything about V-groove. Interested? Continue reading…


It is simply a groove cut into one or both sides of the central strand in a fiber optics cable. One portion of the central strand will contain multiple fibers usually 8 to 12 while the other portion of the strand has just one central fiber. They are manufactured with sub-micron accuracy in order to provide extraordinary control of pitch spacing and linearity.

They can be made up of pyrex, quartz, or even silicon with very low extension to offer great thermal stability. Their pitch tolerance is noted as less than 1 micrometer. The pitch spacing can be 127, 250 micrometers or custom spacing.

The main purpose of the utilizing V-groove is to allow various optical signals to be transmitted over various strands in the same core of the cable, allowing each strand to act as its own independent channel.

The technology of V-groove enables the assembly of the optical fiber array in a very small area with the high-precision alignment of particular fibers or fiber ribbons. These assemblies help in providing high-density interconnections with great reliability as well as stability while maintaining low insertion loss.

They are particularly used in fiber optical connectors for a variety of reasons. They can be used to hold an optical fiber in place in order to prevent it from being accidentally broken when the connector is moved or removed. They are also utilized to hold the optical fiber in place prior to fusion or mechanical splicing.

Optical V-groove assemblies are an industry standard used in the telecommunications, data communications, and broadcasters industries. In short, V-grooves are passive parts of fiber optic assemblies. Fiber V-groove assemblies allow for higher-density connections for optical signal distributions. They can be located on the outside edge of a connector ferrule or on the inside edge of a connector ferrule.

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