Portable Compact DWDM

Portable Compact DWDM



The first handheld DWDM OSA and lightest in the world .
PEAKERA’s Portable Compact DWDM OSA is a unique & innovative measure device , it is also the first handheld DWDM OSA and lightest in the world , it can support Bluetooth, WiFi & 4G equipped with only 0.48kg .  You will no more need big , heavy , expensive OSA anymore in the future. 

Key Features :
●Compact optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) for DWDM system
●Bluetooth, WiFi, & 4G equipped
●7 inch touch screen with smart (Android) display
●DWDM channel power,wavelength and OSNR measurements
o 1525nm-1570nm for ITU 96ch 
o 10G/40G/100G/400G format
o Standard or High Spectral Resolution
●Small size,light weight, easy to carry, suitable for field application
●Quick test, scan time less than 1s

Applications :
●Optical spectral characterization of high speed DWDM optical transmission networks
●Performance verification in metro- and access networks
●FTTx network installation, maintenance and test
●Fiber deployment and field testing
●Laser and light source system test

Key Benefits :
●Built with smart (Android-system based) display that is detachable from the OSA base-unit to provide the flexibility for ease of use in various application environment
●The optical engine (OSA base unit) communicates with the smart display via Bluetooth and WiFi
●It can be pre-programmed to perform smart monitoring and measurements
●The smart display is equipped with WiFi and 4G, enabling cloud-based data and service management
●Users can easily make and use Apps to satisfy their special applications

Performance Specifications: 

Parameters Unit Min Type Max Note
Operation Wavelength Range nm 1525~1570nm See the channel table
Channel spacing Ghz 37.5G,50G and 100G Max 96ch DWDM test.
Sensitivity to modulation format   10G/40G/100G/400G  
Wavelength Accuracy nm 0.05      
Wavelength Repeatability pm     10  
Wavelength Resolution pm 1      
OSNR range dB 15   25  
OSNR accuracy dB   1.5    
Channel Power Range dBm -40   -5  
Adjacent channel power Divergence dB     6 For 40G /100G,or Mixed(10G/40G/100G)
    10 For 2.5G/5G/ 10G
Non-Adjacent channel power dB     10  
Power Detect Accuracy dB     ±0.5 2.5G,5G,10G,or 40G,100G,or 10G&40G&100G
    ±0.5 Two type of mixed or any type of mixed
Relative Power Accuracy dB     0.5 2.5G,5G,10G,or40G,100G,or 2.5G&5G&10G&40G&100G mixed
Noise power range dBm -55   -40  
Noise power Accuracy dB     ±3  
repeatability dB     ±0.3  
Scan time – all channels s     1  
Return Loss dB     -30  
Power Consumption W     5  

General Specifications :

Android-based smart 7 inch touch screen display

Optical Interface
Optical connector interchangeable from BN2150/00.xx range

Power Supply
Input : AC 100~240V 50Hz/Output:DC12V  2A

Electromagnetic Compatibility
IEC61326 CE Conformance

Suggested calibration interval 1 years

Temperature Range
Operation 10oC ~ +50oC
Storage -40oC ~ +80oC

Dimension and Weight
Dimension 205 x 120x 55mm