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Optical fiber is a fast and innovative way of transmitting data over large distances in seconds. They carry most of the data of the world. No doubt, the excessive use of optical fiber has revolutionized the world around us. Optical fibre cable is made up of numerous fibre strands. And a single fibre strand is as thin as human hair. Such fibers carry information in the form of light.

The strands of optical fibre and enclosed in a jacket. Besides the jacket, optical fiber consists of other crucial parts that are very important in the effective transmission of data. The main parts of parts of optical fibre are listed hereunder:



It is the innermost section of the fiber and has the remarkable property of conducting optical beams. It can be made up of glass or plastic. It is also known as the light transmission area of the fibre. The core has a direct relationship with light transmission. The larger the core, the more light will be transmitted into the fibre.


Another layer of glass surrounds the core with a slightly different chemical composition. This layer is called cladding. It can be made up of plastic. The primary function of the cladding is to provide a lower refractive index (the ratio of the velocity of light in a vacuum to its velocity in a specified medium) at the interface of the core in order to cause reflection within the core so that the light waves are transmitted through the fiber. It also prevents environmental and mechanical stress on the cable.


It is the outermost section of the fibre. It can be made up of a particular type of polymer of plastic. The core is surrounded by cladding, and a jacket surrounds the cladding. The primary function of the jacket is to protect the internal structure of the fibre optical cable from external factors. The jacket of the optical fibre provides protection for the shielding and conductors within the cable. It is the first line of moisture, flame, chemical, and mechanical defense for a fibre optical cable.

Some other passive components of fibre optic cable are also listed below:

●Fiber array
●MPO patchcord
●PLC splitter, and more.
The takeaway:

The core, cladding, and jacket are vital parts of the cable. Besides that, the passive components of the cable are also important.