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The V-groove is a vital component of the optical fiber fusion splicer. Its primary function is to fix and support the right and left optical fibers in the fusion splicing process. A V-shaped substrate is taken in the splicing process, and the two fiber ends are stabbed in the groove. Once the two are placed inside the groove in the proper arrangement, they are bonded by an adhesive or index matching gel.

The primary function of the V-groove is to allow various optical signals to be transferred over various strands in the exact cable core, allowing each strand to act as its own separate channel. They are used in fiber optic connectors because they can hold an optical fiber in place to prevent it from accidentally breaking when it is moved or removed.

Fabrication of removable V-grooves requires precise alignment of the fibers before they are attached to the substrate. The movable V-groove can be of different shapes, enabling it to be utilized in different applications. Fiber V-grooves offer numerous benefits as compared to traditional connections. Some are listed hereunder:

  • Ease of alignment
  • Affordability
  • UV resistance

The technology equipped in V-groove permits the assembly of the optical fiber array in a very tiny area with the high-accuracy alignment of particular fibers or fiber ribbons. These assemblies aid in providing high-density interconnections with excellent reliability and stability while maintaining low insertion loss.

As V-groove is an important part of the optical fiber fusion splicer, therefore you should clean it regularly. If any type of dust is present inside the V-groove, it will result in over traveling of the motor and cannot be centered, or shorten the machine’s service life.

You can use a piece of cotton or carefully cut optical fiber to clean the V-groove. Pay proper attention to the cleaning process. Use bright light as well as a magnifying glass when necessary. Observe the condition at the bottom of the V-groove. Furthermore, the material of the V-groove is ceramic (that is why it is brittle), so it is best not to use any sharp or hard things for grinding.

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